Sports Specific Training - Volleyball

Volleyball at SST

Bang Harder, Stuff Block and Dig Everything!

Volleyball is a demanding sport that requires great strength and vertical jump ability.
Do you want to take your game to the next level?

Experience how SST has helped many volleyball athletes dominate their opposition on the court. The SST difference lies in the individuality we take in designing your personalized strength and conditioning program.

Volleyball is a demanding sport that requires great levels of specific strength, power, flexibility and endurance.
With this in mind each SST performance program is meticulously designed to meet the demands and needs of the specific athlete. A Complete strength and conditioning approach to Volleyball takes into account the athletes weaknesses and demands as well as enhances their ability to perform.
Whether you play High School, Club, or National level SST will help you achieve results. Though the complete development of all aspects required for volleyball performance we can ensure that you will improve your performance.
Vertical Jump Program SST's Vertical jump program will give you the technique, and power needed to increase your vertical jump. Athletes often add 3-5 inches on their vertical jump in just a few weeks.

With One-on-One Training, athletes receive the complete and undivided attention of a personal Strength and Conditioning Coach (1 hour).

Group Training is conducted by a qualified Strength and Conditioning specialist who works with small groups (maximum eight athletes). The coach directs each athlete through his or her personalized weight training program. (1 hour).