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Fit & Lean 44

Participate in our Fit & Lean 44 Program exclusive to women!

The Fit & Lean 44 Program is designed with high-end expertise to help women tackle weight gain and get in shape! This ladies only program was exclusively developed to help females lose their stubborn body weight and look great! Forget those diets and do something worth your effort. In just 12 weeks with our strength training exercises, you can get the body you desire and be a brand new you!
The Fit & Lean 44 Program is not your average exercise program. There are no dance moves to learn, no irritating music, and no endless, boring cardio exercises.

Our Fit & Lean 44 Program Includes:

  • Three resistance-training classes a week
  • Consistent, weekly evaluations.
  • A My Blueprint Nutritional program
  • Personalized program to follow on other days
  • Full access to all classes and gym- including Butts and guts, med ball and Primal Movement classes
  • Monthly energy system workouts to lean up!


  • Increase Your Caloric Intake
  • To effectively build muscle, your body needs fuel to burn. Increasing your calories will nourish your body, launch muscle growth, and get you gains. This easy step will get you shredded, toned, and made of muscle. Say goodbye to excess fat, by eating more!

  • No Hesitation - Heavy Lifting
  • To get slim, you need to burn calories. With effective workouts and weightlifting routines, you can build up your metabolism and muscle mass. Improving your strength will help you stay lean and increase your body’s endurance.

  • Selective Cardio
  • Cardio is mainly used for increasing your heart rate and advancing the fat loss process, but our Fit & Lean 44 Program is unconventional. We pride ourselves in abandoning repetitive cardio exercises like the treadmill and getting your blood pumping with workouts to strengthen your body. Weight training is a major part of our program as we use equipment such as bench presses and cable machines to transform your body into shape. By using our equipment as you go through the program, you will soon have the chance to showcase your dream body.

  • Establish a Friendly Female-Only Environment
  • The Fit & Lean 44 Program was developed from a foundation of fact, a program based on health science and proven research. This program is designed to provide strength training for women and offer them an atmosphere to connect, share advice, and feel safe with other females who are all striving for the same fitness goals. With our Fit & Lean 44 Program, our mission is to establish a community of fierce females in fitness!


  • NO - heavy lifting exercises and improving your strength will not make you look bulky. Instead, it will make you appear fit and lean with toned muscles and curves in all the right places.
  • A common misconception in women's fitness is the comparison between "fat-loss" exercises and "muscle growth" training. The truth is, you need to build muscle as you lose weight to get the dream body you have been waiting for. Losing weight decreases your size and muscle building allows you to reshape your body to make you look and feel better.
  • The key combination to getting fit and lean is heavy lifting and high calorie consumption. Heavy lifting workouts will shred your body fat and enable you to build muscle and get toned. Your diet or eating habits should be doing most of the fat burning work for you by trimming down your excess fat and revealing your defined muscles. By lifting light weights and consuming a low caloric intake, you will remain or become "skinny fat". Do not just look thin and be content with a high body fat percentage, rid yourself of excess weight and get gains!
  • A WOMAN'S ONLY group exercise program vs. individualized training, yields better costs and results. Studies indicate that people work harder when they believe that they are seen by others. This increased workout intensity combined with proper exercise selection and form, produces fitness results 80% better than other workout programs and in half the time.

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