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SST's Vertical Jump Program - For Athletes of all Sports!

Find out how to sky over your opponents with new-found combinations of explosive jumping, and unmatched power!

All sports are explosive, testing every athlete's abilities to maximize their power through their game or match. Are you tired of working on your calves and not seeing that vertical go up? Discover why Sports Specific Training's JUMP program enabling our athletes to rank the best at their combine and assessment days!

Sports Specific Training's Vertical Jump program is developed to get you maximum results this season!

If you are a serious player ranging in age from 8- 25 years old then this is the program for you! Sports Specific training Vertical Jump Training program is tailored for athletes of all ages.
Should an 8 year old athlete be following the same program as a 20 year old?
NO! Thus, SST has specific programs for ages 8 - 25.
Sports Specific Training determines what program you should follow after conducting a comprehensive muscular assessment to determine strengths and weaknesses of the athlete.

Do you know what your "Vert" is today? If not, come in for an assessment where we'll help you understand the basic components of your vertical jump.

Power = Force X Velocity

When it comes to the vertical jump, force is the maximum amount of strength that someone has, and velocity is the maximum amount of speed someone has. If you increase your strength and your velocity (in ratio to your body weight), then your vertical jump will improve. This is the general principle that millions of top athletes have followed. It is that simple.

The principle fitness component of vertical jumping is POWER. Power is a combination of strength and speed.

SST will use a 4 step approach to increase your vertical jump:

Increase your Vertical Jump by using Resistance Training

  • Rid yourself of muscular imbalances that are keeping you from reaching your full potential
  • Maximize your strength levels to optimize your vertical jump
  • Find out how to convert your strength into speed. THIS is the main reason SST produces the top vertical jumps at combines!
Increase your Vertical Jump through Plyometric Training
  • Plyometrics is the most commonly used training method to increase vertical jump power. Unfortunately it is used incorrectly by most.
  • Find out how SST uses plyometrics to "bridge the gap between strength and speed" Many use plyometrics as a conditioning tool which will actually decrease your vertical jump!
  • SST will integrate plyometrics through a properly periodized vertical jump training program
Nutrition - Eat to support your goals.
  • The most important and most neglected aspect of Vertical Jump Training - Nutrition.
  • Don't let anyone tell you that carrying extra weight will NOT hinder you Vertical Jump.
  • SST will integrate plyometrics through a properly periodized vertical jump training program.
Increase your Vertical Jump by using proper mechanics.
  • The Approach - When we say the approach, I’m referring to the running you do prior to the penultimate stride and actual jump.
  • Penultimate Step - convert high amounts of horizontal force into vertical force unless you’re really strong and powerful.
  • Arm swing - move smoothly in unison with your plant sequence and shouldn’t look disjointed or out of time with your lower body.
  • Loading - Lower down into squat while maintaining athletic posture, then move weight over toes to create a spring.
  • Using generated power - Lower arms to build momentum and ump straight up into the air moving the arms upward.