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Golf at SST

SST Golf Program

Take your game to a higher level! Now you can train to play like the pros by specifically conditioning each fitness component to meet the physical demands for Golf.

SST's Strength and Conditioning for Golf improves your strength, power, agility, flexibility, quickness, and stamina. But unlike general strength-training and aerobic workouts, the ones provided at SST have been proven to provide the best benefits for Golf athletes of all ages. These programs will have you driving further, and straighter than ever before.

Golf is a very explosive anaerobic sport, despite athletes playing as many as 2 or 3 rounds in a tournament! This adds up to excessive, repetitive stress that can lead to injury. With so much repetitive force it is important to make sure that a proper strength training program be implemented for golf athletes. At SST we make sure to pay special attention to muscle balance and sport specific strength catered to golf players. All too often we see many young golfers with nagging overuse injuries from the repetitive nature of golf. We strive to reduce these injuries by focusing on strengthening weaker muscles and creating muscle balance within the body.


Golf athletes entering SST are required to attend a one-on-one initial fitness assessment and a one-on-one program design and instruction session prior to starting the program.

The initial fitness assessment (1 hour) consists of a comprehensive fitness and muscle testing procedure to evaluate an athlete's physical abilities and identify any weaknesses or potential areas for injury. Power, speed, strength and flexibility are also tested at this stage.

A Strength and Conditioning Coach then designs a personalized workout program suited to the athlete's needs. The first priority is to strengthen weaker muscles in order to reduce the risk of injury and achieve better overall strength and performance. Once the muscles identified as needing development have been strengthened, focus is placed on developing the body as a whole.

Next, a program design and instruction session (1 hour) is scheduled to walk the athlete through his/her program for the first time and provide them with a sound understanding of the "SST way of training". They are also given a nutrition and flexibility information package to take home and follow.

Workout programs are changed frequently throughout an athlete's training cycle (free of charge) in order to create continuous stress and demand on his/her muscles. All programs are customized to help athletes become stronger and more conditioned in their sport, not just stronger in the weight room.

With One-on-One Training, athletes receive the complete and undivided attention of a personal Strength and Conditioning Coach (1 hour).

Group Training is conducted by a qualified Strength and Conditioning specialist who works with small groups (maximum eight athletes). The coach directs each athlete through his or her personalized weight training program. (1 hour).