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About SST Oakville

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SST Oakville is a high performance center located in the heart of Oakville. At SST Oakville we flat out get results! Since our opening in 2009 we have helped send hundreds of athletes onto the collegiate and professional level in all sports. We provide an environment for every athlete to thrive. Our adult program is second to none, we provide an energetic environment and great variety of workouts including functional Fridays. Its never a dull workout at SST Oakville.

SST's corporate motto- Program + Atmosphere= RESULTS is taken very seriously at SST Oakville. However, we at SST Oakville have added our own local Oakville community motto "Choose not to be Common" which is displayed all around the facility for all to see whether you are an Adult client or one of our young athletes. At SST Oakville we adhere to the principles set out by founder Larry Jusdanis so our clients to get results.

SST Oakville prides itself as being a COMMUNITY based facility striving in helping each and every one become GREAT. It is common for you to see coach Delroy who is an Oakville resident around town , helping with local groups and events.

Our clients expect the best from us in training and nutrition and as a result, our staff is always in pursuit of NEW knowledge. In fact, we pride ourselves in having all of our client's part of the SST family.

SST strives for GREATNESS each and every day through pride, passion and loyalty. We train because we love to train, passion for training is what drives the ownership and staff. Come in to the SST Oakville facility and you will feel the energy of our staff as they work with our clients.

SST Oakville Services Include:

  • Athlete training
  • Fit and Lean 44
  • MaxFit 44
  • Our top rated Bootcamp- Butts and Guts!
  • Personal training
  • Group training
  • Team training
  • Speed Camps
  • My Blueprint Nutrition program
  • Training Specialists on Staff - Volleyball , Football , Basketball , Speed Skating , Soccer, Hockey, Rugby

Some of our equipment in SST Oakville's 4,600 Sq foot facility include:

  • Olympic platforms
  • Thousands of pounds of weight - Barbells , Dumbbells
  • 30 yards of turf
  • PlyoBox
  • Power Racks with multiple chin up bars
  • Tractor tires
  • Hammers
  • Sleds
  • Prowlers
  • PLUS: a ton more...

our class schedule

Any changes to this schedule will be posted via Social Media.

Class Class Duration Class Day & Time
Adult Classes Each class 1 hour Mon, Wed, Fri 6 am, 7 am, 8 am, 9 am, Tue, Thu 6 pm Saturday 11 am
Junior Speed Mon, Wed, Fri 5 pm Saturday 10 am
Senior Speed Tue and Thu 5 pm Saturday 9 am
Athlete Training Mon and Wed 6 am - 10 pm Tue and Thu 8 am - 10 pm Friday 6 am - 8 pm Saturday 9 am - 3 pm