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Soccer Program

Soccer is a game requiring highly tuned skills of speed, quickness, agility, power and change of direction. To make soccer more difficult all these factors are played through a fatigued state at some point in a match!

The training for Soccer athletes becomes increasingly more complex as the athlete continues to develop his/her skills in the sport. When considering the young athlete or the beginning player, speed and speed-endurance are often the first components that need to be worked on.

The mechanics of speed that an athlete must develop in order to optimize Soccer playing ability include:

- Linear Speed - the average straight-ahead speed sprint is 10 -12 yards.
- Lateral Change of Direction - players must be able to move quickly in any direction throughout a game. The key element is to be able to maintain high speed through all these changes of direction.
- Avoidance - players must be able to start and stop quickly to avoid the opponent without losing any momentum!

In order to help our athletes acquire these attributes, SST has developed: