SST - Athlete training combining coaches, programs and atmosphere.
Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville - ON
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SST believes that with a combination of its coaches, programs and atmosphere you will reach unmatched RESULTS!

Benefits of an Athlete Membership at SST

- Full supervision at all times from some of the most qualified and best strength coaches in all of Canada!
- Individualized programs designed specifically for you. SST knows that each athlete is different and requires different needs; SST's customizes a program specifically to your needs and the needs of your sport.
- These programs are progressed and changed every 3-4 weeks to keep delivering you RESULTS!
- A motivational atmosphere that pushes each athlete to be their best every time through the door.
- Specialized bars and equipment including: thick bars, trap bars and even magnetic weights to microload and increase weight.

- Functional equipment like: Tires, Sleds, Prowlers, Sledgehammers and many others to challenge any athlete of all ages.
- FLEXIBLE scheduling- We are all busy with sports schedules thus you as the athlete choose the best time and dates that suit your needs. You can schedule this weekly.
- Small class sizes to ensure proper supervision and semi- PERSONALIZED training. The SST athlete to coach ratio never exceeds 8:1.
- A safe and fun training environment - SST knows that safety is the first thing in a parents mind; thus we ensure safety with supervision with our Qualified strength and conditioning coaches and small class sizes.
- UNLIMITED SESSIONS- come as many times as you like a month. Unlike other gyms SST wants you in to ensure RESULTS!

Membership Options:
  • 3 Month Membership
    Perfect for the 1st time athlete. See what the workouts are all about and start to experience the RESULTS yourself.

  • 6 Month Membership
    This option is designed specifically around the off-season for your sport. Too busy during the season with practices, games and many other commitments; this becomes a great option. Work it into your schedule to commit to a serious regime during your off-season.

  • 12 Month Membership
    SST's most POPULAR choice for athletes.

    For the serious athletes who demands serious RESULTS.
    Want to be the best, than you have to train like the best! What do the top athletes of their respective sports do; they train year round to stay at the peak of their game!