SST - Athlete training combining coaches, programs and atmosphere.
Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville - ON
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SST believes that with a combination of its coaches, programs and atmosphere you will reach unmatched RESULTS!

Benefits of an Athlete Membership at SST

- Full supervision at all times from some of the most qualified and best strength coaches in all of Canada!
- Individualized programs designed specifically for you. SST knows that each athlete is different and requires different needs; SST's customizes a program specifically to your needs and the needs of your sport.
- These programs are progressed and changed every 3-4 weeks to keep delivering you RESULTS!
- A motivational atmosphere that pushes each athlete to be their best every time through the door.
- Specialized bars and equipment including: thick bars, trap bars and even magnetic weights to microload and increase weight.

- Functional equipment like: Tires, Sleds, Prowlers, Sledgehammers and many others to challenge any athlete of all ages.
- FLEXIBLE scheduling- We are all busy with sports schedules thus you as the athlete choose the best time and dates that suit your needs. You can schedule this weekly.
- Small class sizes to ensure proper supervision and semi- PERSONALIZED training. The SST athlete to coach ratio never exceeds 8:1.
- A safe and fun training environment - SST knows that safety is the first thing in a parents mind; thus we ensure safety with supervision with our Qualified strength and conditioning coaches and small class sizes.
- UNLIMITED SESSIONS- come as many times as you like a month. Unlike other gyms SST wants you in to ensure RESULTS!