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Maxfit 44

Try our Maxfit 44 Program with Strength Training Workouts for men!

The Maxfit 44 Program was created for you! Get fit now or face accelerated aging, weight gain, a diminished sex drive, and declining energy. Our Maxfit 44 Program is designed for men experiencing age related symptoms who need help with their health. Don’t let the decline of Testosterone steal your manhood, get involved in our strength training workouts for men. Restore the loss of muscle and bone mass by signing up for our Maxfit 44 Program. Get chiseled and change your life!

Based on scientific research and your specific body type, we will construct a program to improve your weight loss, vitality, and enhance your physical performance. We implement strength training workouts for men to restore your manpower so you can establish optimal health. We deliver you quality workouts like squats and unconventional exercises such as tire flipping to increase your strength and renew your youth!

Here's the deal:

  • This is an exclusive all MENS program. Be part of a team again!
  • Miss that locker room fun!
  • Maxfit44 workouts are deigned will not only increase your strength but make your joints feel like you were 20!
  • Testosterone! Who doesn’t want more
  • Customized strength training programs to maximize your size and strength
  • All this in less than 3 hours per week. You can’t afford not to join!

Our MaxFit 44 program Includes:

  • Three resistance-training classes a week
  • Consistent, weekly evaluations.
  • A My Blueprint Nutritional program
  • Personalized program for you
  • Full access to all classes and gym- including Butts and guts, med ball and Primal Movement classes
  • Monthly energy system workouts to lean you up!


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