Sports Specific Training - Hockey

Hockey at SST

SST's Hockey Training Program

Hockey is a game about Speed, Acceleration and Power! Hockey players need to skate fast, possess great first stride acceleration and be able to come out of turns while maintaining optimal speed. A successful hockey player possesses all these traits and more. SST's Hockey Training is developed to dramatically improve these areas.

Maximum Speed Training

Hockey is a highly competitive sport with many players trying out for the best teams. One skill which will get a player noticed immediately is SPEED! Research has shown that maximum sprinting time off-ice is highly correlated to on-ice speed. SST's program is designed to enhance a player's maximum speed through sprinting drills and overspeed training. This coupled with our on-ice overspeed training will take your game to the next level!

Acceleration Training

A player's ability to develop first stride acceleration as well as improving separation from another player are two critical factors in their success. The player who is able to get to the puck first or separate quickly from a defender is highly sought after by top-level coaches. Acceleration is improved by increasing strength in the muscles that are specific to meet those demands. The SST program utilizes techniques such as resisted running, basic strength training, farmer's walks and sled training to improve on-ice acceleration.

Power Development

Power = Strength x Speed. A powerful hockey player is not only quick and explosive but is able to hit hard and have a powerful shot. The SST program teaches athletes to develop this power in two ways through Plyometrics and strength development. SST uses Plyometrics to utilize the stretch shortening cycle improving maximum speed and we show athletes strength exercises such as "the sled", "sandbags" and "super yolks" ultimately developing a more powerful hockey player.