SST - Personal training for adult and athletes.

SST Personal Training Packages

How many people have you seen at your Big Box gym that are there year after year but look the same or even worse as time passes? That answer is probably many of them!
SST's personal trainers will make sure you don't fall into the same pattern and spin your wheels endlessly with lackluster workouts and inconsistent nutrition that give you nothing for you in the long run.
It's time to take the guesswork out of your routine and leave it into the hands of the professionals. Our Certified Personal Trainers understand that this is about you and your goals.

It all starts with your goals!
Whether you want to train remotely or in person we will get you going on the road to success.

What to expect with SST Personal Training?

- Personalized Program Design suited to your needs.
- A fun results-orientated 60 minutes Workout..
- SST App Online app based training and coaching..
- My Blueprint Nutritional Program.
- Fitness Testing & Progress Monitoring.
- Access to our Online Videos and Member Resources.

Get started with a physical assessment.
An initial assessment will provide a snapshot of your current overall health, strength, flexibility, joint range and balance. We'll use this starting position to measure your progress as you execute your personalise program.
Schedule your initial assessment today!

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Why do it?

Fat Loss and Muscle Building

Obesity is an epidemic. Every year, at least 2.8 million people die due to complications related to excess weight; such as cancer, diabetes, and stroke.
Most adults who embark on a fitness journey want to lose fat, build muscle, or both. However, not many know how to go about doing that. You may be one of these people but don't worry - SST Personal Training will make sure you achieve what you are there for. SST personal Trainers help individuals strike a proper balance to burn fat while building lean muscle.
Our SST Team has been helping thousands of athletes and Adults get in the best shape of their lives, and we are now offering our expertise to adults with muscle-building exercise and personalized fat loss workouts.

Strength Training

Unfortunately, as we age, we lose muscle as our testosterone levels decrease. SST's personal trainers will make sure this doesn't happen as all of our workouts are designed around strength training and proper nutrition. With a carefully designed program for you, we can assure that you keep increasing your muscle mass while losing weight. Also, we enable you to wear the same clothes as you did when you were 20!
We have many specialized and functional equipment to perform your strength workouts; such as tires, sleds, reverse hyperextensions, log, power racks, trap bars, and sledgehammers plus a ton more. Once you start with our Personal trainers, you will be able to experience the unique equipment at all of our SST facilities.

Cardio Training

We do not believe in boring rhythmical cardio! Cardio - is simple- elevate your heart rate, and our personal trainers will make sure this happens!
How do you ask? One method we like to incorporate is Strength training with short rest intervals.
Another method we incorporate is Interval Training - we at SST have devised the ultimate FAT LOSS interval program for you!

How does this help you?

Our methods will:
- Increase your Growth Hormone levels.
- Increased levels will burn more fat!
- You will burn more calories throughout the day and even when you are sleeping!

SST App - Access to your personalized fitness and nutrition app.

We provide flexible, accessible and personalized programs providing online training options from any device. The app is jam packed with resources and the ability to connect directly with your personal trainer for questions or just quick inspiration.

My Blueprint Nutrition Program

Over the last 15 years, we have seen some fantastic results with our athletes and adult clients. We are excited about My Blueprint Nutrition Program and the positive lifestyle effects it is having on people!

The My Blueprint Nutrition Program is a blueprint where an individual stores body fat and the correlation to the hormones in one's body. This protocol has been effectively used on thousands of people producing tremendous results, including spot reduction!
Our Personal Trainers will work with you to lose the weight you have always wanted!

FAQ Regarding Personal Training:

At all of our SST Facilities, our priority is to match you with a personal trainer who is the right fit for your personality, fitness level, and goals. Besides, we also consider your current health status, injuries, as well as gender requests (male or female). To make certain, you have the BEST experience, and we will match you with a personal trainer that we believe will be the perfect fit for you.
We at SST understand this is about you!
The initial Fitness assessment is an opportunity for our qualified personal trainer to understand what you want to achieve. It's a chance for you to tell us about your goals, fitness experience, lifestyle, and nutritional habits.
The fitness assessment will let us assess your current physical status. Such as any movement dysfunctions you might have, your current measurements, and how to best cater a program to suit your goals - whether it's to drop twenty pounds or pack on the muscle - we have a solution for you!
We want your personal training experience to be fun and, most importantly, get you the RESULTS you have always wanted.
Your choice! You can elect to training at one of our state of the art SST Fitness studios or opt for the remote training option. Training sessions take place at your convenience. The great thing about personal training is that it offers you a large amount of flexibility. Our personal trainers work early mornings, late evenings, during the day, and also during the weekend.

Here is what some of our very happy personal training clients have to say about their experience!

"After being at big box gyms for 10 years, I wanted to give something else a try. I decided to try SST and I was amazed, the group training atmosphere is something I can’t do without anymore."

-Rachael Johnson-

"It took me having a health scare to get my butt in the gym. Now being here for a year plus I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and feel absolutely amazing. I wish I started at SST 20 years ago!"

-Doug Brown-

"I've been working at losing weight for a while and have been at SST for about a year and a half now. A while back I plateaued at 20 pounds of lost weight and the staff at SST gave me the tools and support to lose 20 more. I've lost 40 pounds since I've signed up and still working hard to achieve my goals!"

-Brian Reichling-