Sports Specific Training - Tennis
Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville - ON
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Tennis at SST

Are you looking for added speed?
More Quickness?
Does your serve need more power?

If some of these apply to you then SST's PERSONALIZED tennis program is right for you SST's strength and conditioning program improves your strength, power, agility, flexibility, quickness and stamina. Tennis is a very explosive sport, despite matches that last up to a few hours! With this in mind, the expert coaches at SST cater all workouts specific to the individual to limit potential injuries.

How it works:

Each athlete is required to have a one on one assessment so we can determine and athletic and muscular weaknesses. This assessment is a comprehensive muscle testing and imbalance evaluation. After the initial assessment, each athlete has a one on one Myblueprint Nutritional and program instructional session with an SST coach Each athlete will have unlimited customized sessions with top SST strength coaches.

What You get:

- Unlimited workouts.
- Personalized workouts- tailored to meet your needs.
- Workouts specific to tennis.