Sports Specific Training - QB Canada Camp

Quarterback Canada

Generally speaking, the Quarterback position is the most important position on the football team. Why is it then that many young Quarterbacks, even professionals, are not taught the proper skills to play the position well?

Quarterback Canada has developed a comprehensive Quarterback Academy to teach the Quarterbacks these specialized skills and techniques in a small interactive group. Everyone receives the personal attention required to help them focus on the finer details of quarterbacking.

This camp is your chance to showcase your talents, COMPETE, perfect your craft/technique and most importantly have fun!

What you will learn:
- Ball placement before you throw.
- Proper grip when throwing.
- How to use your wrist to add velocity and distance to your throw.
- Drills to overcome throwing errors.
- Drills and tips to reinforce good throwing habits.
- Tips for throwing in different kinds of weather.
- Mastering ball handling techniques.
- The difference between passing and throwing.
- How to execute 3, 5 and 7 step drop.
- Power footwork for sprint out action.
- Understanding defensive coverages.
- The mental aspect of the game.
- Myths and misconceptions of the quarterback position.
- What it takes to be a leader.
- What to look for in film work.

What you can expect:
- Coached by the #1 QB Coach in Canada - Coach Larry Jusdanis.
- Video analysis.
- 16 hours of speed and agility training.



2020 QB Canada Camp starts February 3rd, 2020

* Space is limited on this camp so register ASAP to secure your spot!