About SST

SST's approach is simple - NO #$#%$ TRAINING. SST's staff does not believe in exercises such as squatting on a swiss ball with the athletes eyes closed. That type of work will help in a circus, but not a sporting event! What is the one thing that every athlete wants immediately? "RESULTS!"

I am a firm believer that a weight is a weight, but the program makes the difference! Yes some gyms may have pretty cardio equipment to entice people in, but the one thing they do not achieve is RESULTS! In fact SST does NOT have any cardio equipment and NEVER will, but our athletes score in the top percentile in all their fitness testing! SST uses personalized programs and customized nutritional profiles to achieve quick and outstanding results!

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  • Matt Carter

    Hamilton Tiger-Cats

    Sports Specific Training has been crucial to my success as both an amateur and professional athlete. I began training at SST after my third year of University. With the proper guidance from Larry and his staff I noticed rapid changes in speed, strength and body composition.

  • Zac Dalpe

    Carolina Hurricanes

    I put on over 10lbs of lean muscle last summer training at SST. I'm feeling stronger and faster on the ice, ready for just about anything. I can't recommend SST enough.

  • Nick Spaling

    Nashville Predators

    Training at SST in the off-season has been a real game-changer for me. Ajay and the other coaches designed programs that constantly challenged me and the improvements in my performance show that it has really paid off. Thanks SST!

  • Darnell Nurse

    Edmonton Oilers

    The atmosphere at the gym forces you to get better on a daily basis. Training at SST has given me the opportunity to excel to new heights, on and off the ice.

Team Members

  • Larry Jusdanis


    SST Canada Founder and owner - SST Burlington. aka - "Big Dawg".…

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  • Steve Bodanis

    Owner - SST Hamilon

    Owner - SST Hamilton & current Head S & C Coach for the CFL Ticats.…

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  • Delroy Rhooms

    Owner - SST Oakville

    Owner - SST Oakville and an experienced coach. …

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  • Could you be our newest Team Member?

    Become part of the SST Team today. Owner or Coach, its up to you! …

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QB Canada

QB Canada is just that - QB training for Canadian Quarterbacks! The Canadian game is different than the USA game so we must Quarterback training is somewhat different. Yes, the skills of a QB will need to stay the same but what about how to play the Canadian game? What are the nuances and differences?
QB Canada has arrived and will help you become the next GREAT CANADIAN QB!

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